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27 October 2010

Break out of the Asylum!

An interactive game based on Disturbed's album, Asylum, will be released tomorrow (Oct. 28th).

I'm going to give it a try, though I'm not a big gamer.

Check it out here: disturbedasylum.com

By the way, I have pics from the concert I went to in Tulsa in September. I'll post those here when I get a chance.

Here's a preview:

This is me with Disturbed's bassist, John Moyer. Taken at the Tulsa Convention Center, Sept 8, 2010.

I just walked up to him and asked to take his picture. He was gracious enough to accomodate me. He's very nice, and is unlike your sterotypical rockstar. Maybe it's because he's a good Texas boy...

===Horns Up! \m/