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22 July 2010

Now THAT was different!

The other day, Chaz came over and we went to haunt garage sales. That's his new passion to get crap he really doesn't need. But this time, he got me something--

A bed.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking...that he's lookin for some action, but that's not it.

I've been without a proper bed for quite some time, and Chaz wanted me to be able to get some REAL sleep. So at one yard sale, the people holding it were selling a practically new full size bed for a ridiculous price. So Chaz got his wallet out and paid cash for it!

And it's a complete bed-- mattress, box springs and frame.

Thing is, I only have queen size sheets, because the last bed I had was queen size. But I made it work temporarily until I could get some proper full size sheets. Probably when I get some money next month.

I thought that was nice of him to think of me. Now I probably owe him LOL. No, NOT that!

(Get yer heads outta da gutter!)


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