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05 July 2010

Since the last post...

Incredible stuff has happened that I thought I'd share...

First and foremost: I'm finally out of my old apartment! I turned in the keys on June 29th, and spent most of the time since then unpacking stuff... and unfortunately, having nowhere to put it. I have no drawers in either my kitchen or bathroom, so extra stuff is getting thrown out by the trashbagfulls.

Secondly, more stuff on my favorite band's new album has been revealed, like the album art. Check this bad boy out:

This is Disturbed's mascot, "The Guy", and this is his third appearance on the cover of an album. The artwork was done by Raymond Swanland. The album will drop (be released) on August 31st.

And, of course, there was the 4th of July--- the rainy 4th of July. It cleared up in time to see the fireworks from UCO... from the parking lot of my apartment complex! I love living two blocks from campus!

Now, it's July and I have stuff I need to accomplish... like making sure my oldest son gets enrolled for the fall semester before all the good classes he needs are gone!


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